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Our History

August 2000

Mr. Wang established this company on 2000 in a beautiful city of Lin’An and it is located ZheJiang province, and it is 30 miles from HangZhou city. The factory located in a very convinence area with easy access of multiple major freeway across the entire ZheJiang province and Shanghai area. When this company initial started, we mainly focus on developed and manufactured fluorescent lighting from linear, U-shape, spiral tube to finish products for Asian and domestic markets.

December 2004

After 5 years of growth in the business, the company seeing the future of the import/export business, and we shifted majority of our business from domestic market to international. As a result, we developed and manufactured a variety of lighting products for Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, India, Middle-East, Europe, Africa, and North America.

November 2005

During the year of 2005, we passed the ISO 9001:2008 QA management inspect standard and granted the certification from the authorized certify body. In the same time, the city government granted our company as one of the fastest growing lighting business of the year.

April 2008

Under the company’s upper management decision, North American market became one of the most important market segment, and we spent majority of our resources and investment in this market. During the year, we certify a variety of T3 spiral, T2 spiral, BR and PAR fluorescenet lighting under UL and Energy Star, and we became one of the earliest manufacture granted the certification for the North American market in mainland China.

June 2011

As the company growing, we continue maximized our production capacity and our lighting experts straightly focus on innovated new lighting products. On the other hand, we concerned a lot for our enviornment and the pollution from the manufacturing process, and we care about our employees’ working environment and safety. As a result, we straightly enforced ISO14001:2004 standard for environmental protection management system and GB/T28001:2001 standard for employees health and safety management system.

November 2012

Congraduation to Hengte’s 10th years in the lighting manufacture business. Our company has grown from 80 employees to a 1200 people big family, and we have expanded our facility from 3000 square feet to a 35 acres industrial park. Furthermore, we maximized our annual production capacity to billion of lamps by our advanced automatic assembly production line.

Year 2013

LED technology became very popular for general lighting application, and LED had a great impact to the lighting industry. Here in Hengte, we made a big move toward LED, and we established a dedicate technical department and rearranged our manufacturing facilities for LED lighting. In the same year, we have made an investment to a tooling manufacture for LED fixtures production.

Year 2014

We have increase our investment in LED development and expand our LED product line for the North American market, and we have spend million of dollars on product certifications, which they include UL and Energy Star qualification.

Year 2015

During the last few years, LED lighting have increase the concentration in the lighting industry, and we had grown our technical department to 50 peoples for fulfilling our customers needs and providing a more effective development lead time. From the production side, we have expand a total of 30 LED assembling lines and we have successfully achieve a production capacity of 5 million pieces of LED lamps and 800 thousand pieces of fixtures per month


LED Center Basket Recessed Fixtures


The Non-Cutoff LED Glass Wallpack designed with new optics improve lumen output, efficacy, and thermal management to reduce shadows while still maintaining the consistency of the traditional wallpack housing and standard installation requirement. Retaining the look of allows the ability to upgrade fixture gradually, while retaining the same overall fixture appearance throughout the facility attractive and functional lighting.The NC-WPG wallpack were designed and engineered as maintenancefree, energy efficient alternatives to tradition...
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